whywild hikes?

why hike?

Hiking is a great way to explore new areas and cultures, it brings you closer to the people and places that you visit. Each day will have a simple objective to get up, walk, enjoy the physical activity and the stunning surroundings then relax reflecting on what a great day it has been. Sharing new experiences, trying new things and working as a team to achieve your common goal is a great way to make lasting friendships and memories. There is really no downside to Hiking.

our ethos - keeping it local

When travelling overseas what's really important is to make contact with the local community, share experiences with like-minded travellers and learn from your surroundings. We stay in the local communities giving them direct benefit from our visit. Our hosts are always pleased to see us and we take pride in fitting in with their way of life and not expecting them to change to ours. We work with amazing local guides and drivers, community-based homestays and independent hostels. We support local restaurants, shops and craftspeople. We seek out ways to make tourism sustainable and benefit communities.
Everyone wins from this low-key approach, us having a more rewarding and authentic hiking experience and our hosts benefitting and enjoying our presence. So we tread carefully, listen and learn, challenge ourselves and above all relax and have fun.

wild hikes leaders

pete hyde

I have spent a lifetime hiking and climbing in the UK and around the world. I have always loved taking people out into the mountains, sharing experiences and challenges. As a Mountain Leader I can now share my passion for the great outdoors.

Some memorable trips for me include, the traverse of the Black Cuiliin Ridge on Skye, two ascents of the Old Man of Hoy and many alpine ascents including the Matterhorn and Dent Blanche. I also love ski touring having skied in arctic Norway and Greenland and mountain running having taken part in many one day and two day mountain marathons.

gareth clarke

I have been lucky enough to travel to over 50 countries and I feel privileged every time I arrive at a new destination. I’m at my happiest when I’m hiking, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, trail running or fastpacking.

I’m passionate about off-beat travel, having travelled extensively in the Middle East, Central Asia, South America and Europe. My recent highlight has been experiencing the generosity and warmth shown by the people in Georgia.

I’m a qualified Mountain Leader, advanced first aider and currently working through the International Mountain Leader award to enable me to lead people further and higher on my Wild Hikes.”