the silk roaduzbekistan and tajikistan
the silk roaduzbekistan and tajikistan

overview of uzbekistan and tajikistan

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Saturday June 18th  to Saturday 2nd July 2022 Postponed to:Saturday June 10th to Saturday 24th June 2023
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Experience two Central Asian countries as they develop after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Explore the ancient Silk Road City of Samarkand, the capital of Tamerlane in Uzbekistan and the crossroads and melting pot of world cultures.

Walk in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan.

Visit Tajikistan, an unspoilt country where tourism and trekking are in their infancy.

Travel overland to the unspoilt and remote Fan Mountains in Northern Tajikistan.

Experience the food and culture of the Tajik mountain people.

Hike for eight days in the Fan Mountains including a six days circular trek crossing the 3800 metres high Alaudin Pass.

* Price includes optional carbon offset cost of £30.00
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The allure of Central Asia has enticed travellers for centuries. We will step back in time and explore the ancient Uzbek city of Samarkand, the cross roads of ancient Silk Road trading routes from the Middle East, Europe and China. We will then travel south into Tajikistan, the least visited of the Central Asian countries. Here we will trek in the remote Fan Mountains, a place of beautiful valleys, lakes and tumbling glaciers overlooked by jagged snow-topped peaks rising to 5500m.

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We will fly to Tashkent in Uzbekistan to begin our 12 days Central Asian adventure. After staying the night we will travel overland to the Silk Road city of Samarkand, a Unesco World Heritage Site. Samarkand has witnessed many upheavals in its turbulent history, including conquests by Alexander the Great and Gentis Khan.
Our onward journey will take us into Tajikistan via the newly opened border crossing outside Penjikent, the old centre of the Sogidian Empire. Here we will spend a morning visiting the museum and other attractions including various monuments including the Soviet golden statue of Lenin. From here we will be met and assisted in our adventure by our Tajik transport and trekking partner.
Tajikistan is 93% mountains with peaks rising to 7000 meters. We will spend eight days exploring the Fan Mountains a place of tumbling glaciers, prestine alpine lakes and jagged peaks up to 5500 meters. Two nights will be spent in guesthouse accommodation high in the mountains and six nights in tents. We will make a six day trek exploring the valleys, lakes and high passes in this little visited area where trekking in still in its infancy but trekkers are given a warm welcome.
After our mountain adventure we will travel back to Penjikent and cross into Uzbekistan and make our way back to Samarkand where we will spend the night before travelling back to Tashkent, for our flight home.

experience required

This trip is suitable for reasonably fit people with some hiking experience who would like to try multi-day trekking for the first time. You should be able to hike up to eight hours a day. Our elevation gain on some days will be 1000 meters. This could be your first experience of hiking to higher altitudes. You will be camping for six nights in temperatures close 0°C with rudimentary toilet and washing facilities. Have a look at the Essential Information section for more information on what to expect.

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Detailed Itinerary
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Essential Information