Jordanhiking in the wadi rum and petra
Jordanhiking in the wadi rum and petra

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Sat. 24th feb. to Sat. 2nd. March 2024.
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Explore Aqaba at night

Sleep in the desert under the stars

Hike and scramble in the Wadi Rum

Discover the hidden secrets of Petra

See Petra at night

* Price includes optional carbon offset cost of £30.00
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Jordan is a land of unexpected beauty and variety. It is an oasis of relative peace amongst a troubled Middle East. We will experience the remarkable hospitality of the Bedouin people immersing ourselves into the culture and landscape, you are promised an unforgettable experience.

wild camping

From Aqaba we will travel to the amazing Wadi Rum desert, a maze of monolithic rock towers rising up from the desert floor to heights of 1750 meters. This is a stupendous, timeless place, virtually untouched by humanity. We will be hiking and scrambling over the period of four days with our Bedouin guide. We will be scrambling through remote canyons and ascend to and cross the stupendous Burdah Bridge a high natural arch one thousand feet above the desert. We will spend three nights in the desert, the first two bivouacking under the stars.

After our desert adventure we travel north to the town of Wadi Musa to visit Petra.
Hidden in the heart of the Shara Mountains it is truly magnificent and has been declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a Unesco World Heritage site. We will hike around this vast area visiting the Treasury and the Monastery and many other sites. We will explore off the beaten track discovering its hidden secrets that most visitors don’t see. Everyone needs to visit Petra once in their lifetime, it doesn’t disappoint.

experience required

The distances walked are not great, maybe up to ten miles each day. The terrain is a mixture of sand and rock where no paths exist. We will be walking and scrambling on exposed terrain where the use of hands will be necessary. Experience of grade 1 scrambling is required or the knowledge that you have a head for heights and are happy to move around in exposed situations. Two nights will be spent sleeping in the open with no washing or formal toilet facilities. It may be cold at night and warm in the day. We may also get the odd dust storm so you must be tolerant to changing conditions

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